These running enthusiasts have been selected as our Enmarket Savannah Bridge Run Ambassadors. Get to know each of them, follow their social media pages to stay up to date on all their unique perspectives regarding running in the local community and preparing for the Enmarket Savannah Bridge Run. You won’t want to miss out on their tips and resources!


Anna Campbell
Hi!  I’m Anna, and that bridge you can see behind me is what got me started running. As a local, I love all things Savannah. The Enmarket Savannah Bridge run is one of my favorite running events year after year. I’ve completed the 5K, 10K, and Double Pump events.  I’ve run with my husband, my daughter, and friends, and even pushed a jogging stroller up and over! The bridge is both challenging & rewarding. It’s one of the best views in town too, come on and join me at the top. I promise you’ll be hooked.
Jimmy Markins
Started running in the second grade and never looked back.  I've run over 30 marathons and countless 5Ks. I am currently on a 9 ½-year running streak.  My favorite thing about running is all the friendships that have been made along the way.  The Savannah "Run Family" is simply the BEST!!!
Eleazar Blanquez
I am husband and Father of two daughters, also known as Ele or Eze-E, Enmarket Savannah Bridge Run was my first race since then, I have been running with my Wilmington Island crew, Fleet Feet, Savannah Striders and Howe2Run.  I love being part of the Savannah running community and motivating others. I started running because my wife invited me and soon I became passionate about it. My motto: have fun and run strong.
Natacha Rock
A 20-year retired Army veteran and Breast Cancer Warrior. Natacha currently teaches Physical Education/Health and coaches Cross Country in Savannah. She has been a runner for more than 20 years. She earned a level 1 Run Coach Certification through Road Runners Club of America and is an avid cyclist. Natacha is currently battling Metastatic Breast Cancer and is a patient of the Nancy N. & J.C. Lewis Cancer & Research Pavilion.
Mariana Reyes
Mariana, raised in Savannah, began her running journey in 2016 while looking for a new adventure. She decided to sign up for the Bridge run to conquer her first 5K race. That race led to many more as she began training with the Feet Fleet Running Club. Mariana participated in the Rock & Roll Full and Half marathon, Publix Savannah Half Marathon and 5K, The Disney Princess Run, and several other races around the city. You can often catch her running through the scenic routes of Downtown Savannah!
Sherry Feathers
At 77 years young, I come with well-earned baggage, my husband Reggie of 58 years, three children, seven grandchildren, and myself with many nicknames like Pitter Pat, Cinderella, Running Nana, Mimi, and Mom and I answer to them all.  I am an avid senior community service advocate and runner and a member of the Savannah Strider Running Club.  I started running 21 years ago as a challenge to improve my health, mind, and body. I have enjoyed the journey and the friends I have made along the way. The running community is a great supporter of each other.  I have grown to love half marathons, especially those in and around beautiful Savannah.  To have the opportunity to run an early morning run with friends, watch the sunrise, catch up on the talk, and of course, take selfies. May I always be healthy and have the strength to finish the race.


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