These running enthusiasts have been selected as our Enmarket Savannah Bridge Run Ambassadors. Get to know each of them, follow their social media pages to stay up to date on all their unique perspectives regarding running in the local community and preparing for the Enmarket Savannah Bridge Run. You won’t want to miss out on their tips and resources!


Karen Thompson
Karen started her Bridge Run journey as a personal challenge, driven not only by health goals but by a deep sense of purpose. Karen's personal health transformation began with a heart condition diagnosis. Embracing a healthier lifestyle, she turned to running as a means to achieve her fitness goals and take pride in her accomplishments. This race represents more than just a physical challenge for Karen; it's a tribute to her late mother, who was a patient at the Nancy N. and J.C. Lewis Cancer Research Pavilion. Her hope is to see more advancement in cancer treatment and research so that more lives can be saved. She currently serves as ROI Specialist or ShareCare HDS.
Christina LaValley
My name is Christina LaValley. I was born and raised in the Savannah area. I am a wife and the mother of two girls. I am still a relatively new runner and developed a love of running only recently. I am not completely new to exercise as I really enjoy strength training as well. I hope to help foster a love of movement and health for my girls and all others that I may be able to help inspire along the way.
Melissa Hodgdon
Alongside her husband Craig, Melissa began her journey to conquer the Enmarket Savannah Bridge Run in 2021. Her passion for charity runs was ignited during her time in Columbus, Ohio, and Atlanta, Georgia, where she enthusiastically participated in the Jingle Bell Run, raising funds for the Arthritis Foundation. Upon settling in Savannah, Melissa discovered that the Enmarket Savannah Bridge Run's official charity was the Lewis Cancer & Research Pavilion at St. Joseph's/ Candler hospital, a cause that deeply resonated with Melissa due to her personal journey with bladder cancer. Melissa understands the fear and uncertainty that cancer brings. In December 2022, she faced the terrifying possibility of the disease's return, echoing the same fear she felt back in December 2009. Cancer had claimed her parents, and yet Melissa's determination to fight against it burned even brighter. Fortunately, in January 2023, Melissa received the uplifting news that she was still cancer-free, a testament to her resilience and strength. In Melissa's words: "I HATE CANCER. Please support my fundraising efforts for the Enmarket Savannah Bridge Run. Anything you can give will be so appreciated. Love to you all!"
Mariana Reyes
Mariana, raised in Savannah, began her running journey in 2016 while looking for a new adventure. She decided to sign up for the Bridge run to conquer her first 5K race. That race led to many more as she began training with the Feet Fleet Running Club. Mariana participated in the Rock & Roll Full and Half marathon, Publix Savannah Half Marathon and 5K, The Disney Princess Run, and several other races around the city. You can often catch her running through the scenic routes of Downtown Savannah!
Sherry Feathers
At 77 years young, I come with well-earned baggage, my husband Reggie of 58 years, three children, seven grandchildren, and myself with many nicknames like Pitter Pat, Cinderella, Running Nana, Mimi, and Mom and I answer to them all.  I am an avid senior community service advocate and runner and a member of the Savannah Strider Running Club.  I started running 21 years ago as a challenge to improve my health, mind, and body. I have enjoyed the journey and the friends I have made along the way. The running community is a great supporter of each other.  I have grown to love half marathons, especially those in and around beautiful Savannah.  To have the opportunity to run an early morning run with friends, watch the sunrise, catch up on the talk, and of course, take selfies. May I always be healthy and have the strength to finish the race.


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