Ruck Division

The Ruck Division of the Enmarket Savannah Bridge Run requires participants to carry a weighted rucksack or backpack while they conquer the 5K, 10K, or Double Pump!  We welcome ruckers of all levels to join us and earn a custom patch. To earn the top spot in the Ruck Division, your load must prescribe to the recommended weight based on your body weight. Are you ready for a heavier challenge? Sign up for the Ruck Division today!

embrace a heavier challenge.


Rucking is simply walking or hiking while carrying a weighted rucksack or backpack. It is a staple of military training, as soldiers must be able to carry weapons, food and other supplies for long distances. Embrace an even HEAVIER challenge when you sign up for the Ruck Division.

Rucking Division Rules​​​

To qualify for the competitive rucking division:

  • Participants weighing 149lbs or less, a 10-pound weight is required
  • Participants weighing 150lbs or more, a 20 pound weight is required.

Note: Weighted vests and plate carriers are allowed and do qualify. LEOs, Military, and Firefighters in full gear also qualify for the competitive rucking division. 

The top 3 Ruck finishers that pass all weight requirements will qualify to receive Overall awards. We will weigh your ruck at the finish line of each event. Rucks must remain compliant with the prescribed weight throughout the duration of the race.

Want to ruck for fun? We enthusiastically welcome ruckers who choose not to carry the minimum weight requirement to participate in the Savannah River Bridge Run and earn their patch! These participants will skip the weigh-in and will not qualify for award consideration. Join us and give it a shot, even if you’re rucking with a yoga block! All participants are required to supply their own rucks and weights.

There is no deadline to register for Ruck Division. Please contact the Race Director, Malain McCormick, at [email protected] or 912.644.6400  for more information.


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