Four Things We Bet You Didn’t Know About Enmarket

By: Meredith Herman

If you have driven around the state of Georgia, you might have seen the red and green glow of an Enmarket sign standing tall above the other road signs. It may have come in a time of need: you needed to fill your gas tank or a needed a quick, healthy snack to get you through the ride. Or perhaps you’ve run the Enmarket Savannah Bridge Run and have heard, “And thank you to our title sponsor, Enmarket!” as you push towards the finish line.

On the surface, Enmarket is another convenience store that provides everyday food items and gas. But underneath, Enmarket is a heavily invested shopping experience. They serve with their motto of “fresh choices, friendly faces” to better the community through small acts of service and care that have had an enormous impact. Here are 4 things we bet you didn’t know about Enmarket.

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1. They provide a fresh, high-quality experience.

You will always be able to find healthy snacks and freshly prepared food. Each store features non-GMO and organic products alongside fresh sandwiches, salads, and much more! You can always find deals on products and will always have high-quality, competitively priced gasoline, oil, and countless other products to guarantee you get the most out of your time within the store.

forsyth park

2. Enmarket has had three different names!

In 1964, Robert Demere founded Interstate Stations in Savannah, GA. Many of the original stores started as small kiosks, some of which still exist today! By 1990, there was a complete rebrand, and Interstate Stations changed their name to Enmark. Within this rebrand, the company was able to provide the experience of being a significant gasoline retailer while continuing the intentionality of a small business and the competitiveness of an independent company. In 2015, two stores named Enmarket opened, promoting healthy snacks, meals, and lifestyles. The rebrand as Enmarket was completed in 2020, and they have been that ever since!

3. They are a proud community partner.

Not only do they bring excellent customer service to their stores, but Enmarket also supports multiple charities. In addition to the Savannah Bridge Run, Enmarket partners with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, United Way, local schools, and other organizations that align with their “Enrich life!” mission. All receive support from Enmarket.

For the past 5 years, they have partnered with Healthy Savannah to bring the Encourage Health Education Series, a series of lunchtime lectures on nutrition, fitness, and all-around healthy living. With the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Enmarket hosts a fundraiser to support its mission of curing leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease, and myeloma. Enmarket expands participation by allowing donations to be made at any of its stores.

4. Enmarket has 130 locations promoting its “Enrich Life!” mission.

Enmarket’s mission has four pillars, all focusing on bettering the community and people around them.

One pillar focuses on their team, Chief Enrichment Officers, or CEOs, providing educational experiences within their workspaces and supporting professional growth. Another highlights customers, respecting their time and expectations and ensuring their needs are met through high-quality and healthy products.

Enmarket focuses on meaningful relationships with their professional partners, striving for trust, dependability, and respect. And finally, through community outreach and partnerships, they make investments within the community to show their commitment to strengthening it.

So the next time you’re out on the road and need to fill up, or are in need of a snack, swing by any of the Enmarket locations, where you’ll get fast, quality service!


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