Race Etiquette Rules by FleetFeet Savannah/Pooler

By: Genesis Leggett

It’s A Race!: 

Allow participants with a faster pace time to line up at the front of your designated corral. If your goal is to walk or simply finish, start behind them to avoid collisions. Slower runners and walkers should ideally position themselves towards the middle or back of the starting area.

Respect Starting Corral Placement: 

Respect your assigned starting time and location based on your pace or bib number, even if your friends are in different corrals. Please remember moving back to a slower-paced corral is always better than moving up in a faster-paced group. 


If you switch between running and walking during the race, give a verbal cue or raise your hand to alert those behind you. Move to the side if possible, and NEVER stop abruptly in the middle of the course.

Speedy Gonzales on your tail? Let them pass!: 

Don’t obstruct faster runners, especially if they signal “on your right/left” as they pass.

Don’t Be a Course Hog: 

When running in groups, limit yourself to three in a row. Large walking groups should stay close together and avoid lining up across the road.

It’s getting hot in here:

If you need to shed clothing layers, tie your extra clothing items around your waist or place them on the side of the road to prevent tripping hazards. 

Race Hygiene 101:

It’s not a pleasant experience when on the receiving end of someone else’s sneeze or cough. If there is a phlegm emergency or you need to blow your nose, move to the side of the road to avoid others. Find a public restroom or port-a-potty for when nature calls.

Yield to Emergency Vehicles and Wheelchair Athletes:

Give way to police, emergency vehicles, and wheelchair athletes. They may not be able to stop or change direction as quickly as you can.

Assist in Emergencies: 

If you suspect someone is having a medical emergency, use your phone to call for help or report it to the nearest aid station.

Use Headphones Responsibly: 

Keep headphone volume low or run with one earbud out to stay aware of race officials’ instructions and warnings from fellow runners.

Be Cautious at Water Stations: 

Avoid cutting off other runners at water stations. If you stop or slow down to walk, ensure no one is directly behind you. Dispose of trash in designated areas to help keep our beautiful city clean!

Express Gratitude: 

Race-day volunteers are the unsung heroes of the day! Be sure to thank the volunteers along the course who are working hard to help you achieve your goal.

Run Through the Finish!: 

After crossing the finish line, continue moving forward. Refrain from blocking the path for runners finishing behind you. Meet friends and family outside the finishers area to avoid congestion.

Don’t Be a Buffet Bandit: 

Only take your fair share of food and drinks at the finish line; they are for race participants only. Refrain from grabbing extras for friends and family.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy: 

Above all, have fun and encourage those around you. Everyone has trained hard, so share positive vibes and support your fellow participants.


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