A Runner’s Guide to Exploring Savannah

By: Genesis Leggett

As the vibrant city of Savannah, Georgia, prepares to host two of its most iconic running events, the Enmarket Savannah Bridge Run and the Publix Savannah Women’s Half Marathon & 5K, runners from near and far have begun training for their big day. With its cobblestone streets, moss-draped oak trees, and antebellum architecture, Savannah is a city steeped in history and beauty. But beyond its postcard-perfect appearance, it offers a unique and inviting landscape for those who wish to kickstart their running journey. Read on for helpful tips on starting your running journey in Savannah.

forsyth park

Get Your Gear

Getting the right gear is the first step to ensure your success and comfort.

1. Fleet Feet Savannah/Pooler

Fleet Feet is a renowned name in the running community, known for its expertise in helping runners find the perfect gear. Their Savannah and Pooler locations are no exception. Here, you’ll find a wide selection of running shoes, apparel, accessories, and expert advice to ensure you have the right fit for your unique needs. The staff at Fleet Feet is passionate about running and eager to assist beginners and seasoned runners in finding the ideal equipment.

2. Howe2Run

Howe2Run is another fantastic option for runners in the Savannah area. This local run store is committed to providing personalized service and top-quality running gear. Whether you are looking for the latest running shoes, moisture-wicking apparel, or essential accessories like hydration belts and GPS watches, Howe2Run has got you covered.

These local stores have helped foster a sense of community among runners. The staff members at each location are more than happy to invite you to their weekly run clubs and will share their insights and advice on getting started with running in Savannah.

forsyth park

Running Routes

Savannah’s charm extends beyond its historic streets. The city also offers an array of picturesque parks and natural spaces perfect for your next run.

1. Daffin Park

Daffin Park is a runner’s paradise located in the Ardsley Park neighborhood. This expansive urban park features well-maintained pathways that wind through lush greenery and open spaces. The park’s centerpiece is Grayson Stadium, where the world-famous Savannah Bananas take the field.

2. Forsyth Park

Forsyth Park is arguably the crown jewel of Savannah’s park system. Its iconic Forsyth Fountain symbolizes the city, and the park’s 1.5-mile loop is a favorite among runners. The tree-lined pathways, Spanish moss-draped oaks, and stunning gardens create a serene atmosphere for your run. Forsyth Park is the start and finish location of the Publix Savannah Women’s Half Marathon & 5K. Picture yourself crossing the finish of your first 5K with the iconic fountain in the background.

3. Lake Mayer

Lake Mayer Park, located just south of Savannah’s historic district, offers a tranquil waterfront setting for your run. The park features a scenic 1.5-mile loop around the lake, providing a peaceful escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. The path is well-maintained and offers lovely water views, making it an excellent spot to enjoy a leisurely jog or a brisk workout.

As you run through Daffin Park, Forsyth Park, or around Lake Mayer, you’ll discover a harmonious blend of history, natural beauty, and the refreshing spirit of a running journey in this enchanting Southern city.

Relax & Recover

After an invigorating run through the historic streets and scenic parks of Savannah, focusing on recovery is essential to keep your body in peak condition. Luckily, Savannah offers a range of options to help you recover effectively and prepare for your next run. Here are some top places to consider:

1. Ascend

Ascend Wellness is a wellness and recovery center in Savannah that offers various services to help athletes and fitness enthusiasts recover and rejuvenate. They provide treatments like cryotherapy, float therapy, compression therapy, infrared sauna sessions, and more! These therapies can help reduce muscle soreness, improve circulation, and speed up recovery after a challenging run. Ascend’s knowledgeable staff can tailor a recovery plan to meet your needs.

2. Tier One Nutrition

Proper nutrition plays a crucial role in recovery. Tier One Nutrition is a local health store that offers high-quality supplements, vitamins, and nutrition products to support your post-run recovery. Whether you’re looking for protein supplements, electrolyte replacements, or other nutritional aids, Tier One Nutrition can provide expert guidance to help you refuel and replenish your body.

3. Chatham Ortho Sports Medicine Services

Chatham Ortho Sports Medicine Services can be a valuable resource if you’re dealing with injuries or persistent discomfort from your running efforts. Their team of sports medicine specialists can diagnose and treat a wide range of running-related injuries and provide rehabilitation services to help you recover and get back on your feet. Whether you’re dealing with a minor strain or a more significant issue, their expertise can make a substantial difference in your recovery process.

In Savannah, your running journey is a blend of history, nature, and community support. Explore scenic parks, take advantage of top-notch recovery resources, and experience the city’s unique charm as you pursue your running goals. The Hostess City invites you to lace up your shoes and create your running story.


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